Experience a Maine Adventure

Winter Adventure


CO-ED – Session 1, February 17-19 (one spot left)

BOYS ONLY – Session 2, February 19-21 

GIRLS ONLY – Session 3, February 21-23 Session Full

Mushers age 10-15 will arrive after 5:30pm on the first day of the session. Mushers will be introduced to the basics of Dogsledding and to the dogs that evening. The next morning after a hearty breakfast, they will help feed and water the dogs before setting out on the first run. Weather permitting, Mushers will run 2-3 times each day. In between runs, Mushers will warm up in the cabin, help with the care of the dogs, have meals and snacks, play indoor and outdoor games, have campfires in the snow, snowshoe, slide, ice skate and maybe even ice fish! Mushers will be picked up by 5:30pm on the last day of their session.

Each Session is $150 per Musher. Only 4 Mushers will be accepted each session to ensure LOTS of time on the dogsled.



Groups of up to 4 people can book a dogsledding adventure beginning January 26, 2019 for just $125. Your adventure begins around 10am with a lesson about Dogsledding. You will help harness the dogs and bring them to the line. After a brief ride on the dogsled with Marion driving, you will have a chance to drive! Children are often able to drive as well, sometimes standing in front of Marion on the runners and many are even able to do it alone before the afternoon is over. (depending on child’s weight, experience and trail conditions)

Our dogs are exposed to children and adults from the time they are just days old.  We work very hard to provide a safe environment for people of all ages to learn about our dogs as well as ride and even drive the dogsled.