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George and his crossbow!!


Deboullie Camping Adventure!

Just a couple weeks away from the first week of Adventure Camp! July 12-17 is filled with outdoor adventure! Campers will begin by learning and practicing skills like building a campfire, setting up a tent, map and compass use, fishing for their dinner THEN they will put those skills to good use on an overnight camping trip to Deboullie Mountain!
Remember to register! Message us here, contact Shannon on facebook or call Marion soon!IMG_20140710_125915033

Variety Adventure

July 26 – 31

A.T. is coming back!!  That means – ARCHERY at the Lodge!

A.T. will be back with his archery equipment and expertise the week of Variety Adventure.  Campers will practice their skills with a bow and arrow.  Non-Campers – children and adults – can book one hour lessons as well.  Private and Group lessons will be available – Schedule will be based on pre-registrations, first come – first served.

This Variety Adventure is not just for children and their families.  We welcome adults for an afternoon, a day or two, THE  WHOLE WEEK!!

QUILTING with Judy Babbidge will be available Tuesday – Saturday July 28 – Aug 1, 9am – Noon

SCRAPBOOKING will be available all day Monday, July 26 – Friday, July 31

ART LESSONS with Gert will be available Monday, July 26 – Thursday, July 30, 9am-11am

ARCHERY with A.T. will be available all day Monday, July 26 – Thursday, July 30

AND DON”T FORGET – Ben Regan will be with us again – Those campers (children and adults) who stay the whole week will be performing a Variety Show Friday night!


July 26-31, 2015

This summer at the Lodge, we are hosting a VARIETY ADVENTURE CAMP!  Campers 8 – 18 arrive Sunday afternoon, stay in cabins with Lugdon Lodge Counselors for the week and leave after the Variety Show on Friday night.  They will participate in all the traditional summer camp experiences we offer – swimming, hiking, field games, crafts, kayaking and more.  Parents – THIS IS THE PART WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT – Parents are encouraged to join in on any daily activities they are able to with none of the stress!  Lugdon Lodge staff will arrange the outings, take care of supplies, meals and snacks, and supervise activities so all you need to do is relax with your children.

If you would like to tent out with your children one night, Lugdon Lodge Staff will help you every step of the way – from setting up the tent to cooking breakfast over the campfire!

Interested in kayaking the Fish River with your children, Lugdon Lodge Staff will be right there with you providing transportation of kayaks and family, help portaging around Fish River Falls and peace of mind because they have years of experience on the river and Marion, Shannon and Courtney are Lifeguard Certified.

A schedule of planned activities will be available to help in planning your family camping experience.

Parents, you can come for an afternoon, a whole day, overnight – whatever works for your schedule.  Adults who stay overnight will be housed in our Bunk House – giving them the opportunity to enjoy a late campfire with other adults, a late night kayak trip or even a picnic by the lake.

Lugdon Lodge Variety Adventure has something for everyone!

Two NEW experiences we are excited to offer this week are Quilting and Scrapbooking.  Both young campers and adults are welcome to create projects to work on all week long.  We have arranged a space to leave your work out!!  This is the chance you’ve been waiting for – A week to work on that quilting project, or just learn how to quilt –  A week to create that baby book or vacation scrapbook – you can start on Monday, and leave all your supplies and mess right where you are working and come back to it as you have opportunity throughout the week!  Experienced quilting and scrapbooking teachers will be on staff.  You don’t need to have children participating in Variety Adventure Camp to participate in this part – If you have a love for Quilting or Scrapbooking (or just want to try your hand at one or both) – THIS EXPERIENCE IS FOR YOU!!

Young Campers pay $300 each, with multiple children discounts available.  Adults pay $20 per day (includes lunch and supper) and an additional $10 to stay overnight (includes coffee and breakfast).  Any camper who participates in Acting Out, July 19-24  or Adventure Camp the week of July 12-17 pays only $250 for the week.

A Fisherman and his Wife!

What a great show tonight Wallagrass Elementary!! You all did wonderful!  

Lugdon Lodge donated a campership valued at $300, for the Wallagrass PTA to raffle off. 100% of the money raised goes to the ‘Play Fund’ so the students can have Children’s Stage Adventure come again in two years!

The campership is for Lugdon Adventure Camps, Acting Out. This summer, July 29-24, campers will audition, rehearse and perform Robin Hood!  

ROBIN HOOD – Acting Out – July 19-24, 2015

Sir Robin of Locksley, defender of downtrodden, with his band of Merry Men, he robs from the rich, gives to the poor and still has time to woo the lovely Maid Marian!! Wanna be a part of it – ACTING OUT – July 19-24, 2015!!

Summer Adventure Camps


Overnight campouts, campfire cooking, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, kayaking…

A week filled with OUTDOOR ADVENTURE for campers ages 8 – 18!


July 19 – 24 ACTING OUT

Theater Camp with a TWIST of Adventure. This summer, campers will audition, rehearse, and perform ROBIN HOOD! In addition to acting, campers will enjoy swimming, kayaking, climbing Hedgehog Mountain, and evening campfires.



Summer camp for the whole FAMILY! Young campers will stay together enjoying the adventures of summer camp.  Parents can spend an afternoon, a day, or the week participating during the day alongside the young campers, then, as night falls, parents can enjoy evenings at the campfire, a night kayak, or a walk by the lake under the stars knowing their children are cared for by Lugdon Adventure Staff. Each day this week will be themed so families can choose which adventures they would like to be a part of. Young campers are welcome to stay all week with parents coming to the Lodge as schedules permit.  Quilting and Scrapbooking also available this week!


It came to our attention that we might be able to help you earn a BADGE!

Boy and Girl Scouts interested in archery, art, and or acting – check out Spring Fever Adventure.  We are offering experiences that may help you earn a badge or two!

Scouts receive $50 off overnight camper tuition, $25 off day-camper tuition and and 1/2 price hourly archery lessons ($10/hour).

Make this April Break one to remember!

Spring Fever Adventure

8 Days!!!

Just 8 days until Spring Fever Adventure!!!

The staff at Lugdon Lodge are busy preparing for an adventure filled week!  I know I’m planning on having as much fun (if not more) than the campers!!

Spring Fever Adventure!!

Looking for an ADVENTURE over April Break!?

Come hang out at the Lodge!  We will be busy with Archery, Acting, Art and of course TONS OF OUTDOOR ADVENTURE!!!

Sunday April 19 – Thursday April 23

Sunday afternoon campers will choose which activities they are interested in participating in during the week. Campers are free to choose ONE, TWO, or ALL THREE extra activities and their days will fill up with indoor and outdoor actives like campfires, map n compass skills, field games and camp activities.

Call Or Email to request more information or to receive a registration form!

Overnight Campers $250

Day Campers $150

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